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Do You Have the Secret Ingredient to Successfully Transform Your Health?

Are you sick of gaining and losing the same 20lbs and wish you could understand why you’re struggling to stay motivated?

Are you suffering from low energy or motivation and ready for a helping hand in staying healthy so you can get your life moving in leaps and bounds?

Hi, my name’s Erica Torres-Dudziak and I’ve seen so many guests here at the Hotze Health Wellness Center unlock the key to successfully making important changes for a better life.

So what’s the secret to staying healthy and creating an amazing life?

We all know that a better diet and more exercise is the path to getting fit and staying healthy, but why do so many of us find it difficult to achieve long-term? It was a question I asked myself during my time as a guest at the Hotze Health Wellness Center as I was working on my own health goals.

I saw that – without guidance and support – it felt close to impossible to stay motivated.

All I wanted was to feel fit and healthy, with enough energy to live my life in a way that made me truly happy…. but there were some health goals I knew I had to overcome first.

So I sought out the support I needed to overcome the adrenal fatigue that had left me unable to exercise for over 2 years. I rebuilt my energy levels and found a renewed sense of passion for life that lead me to a purposeful career that I absolutely love!

I discovered the powerful secret to change and decided to share it with others

I already had a BA in Psychology and a Post Graduate Training and Development Certificate and went on to achieve multiple levels of coaching and fitness training certifications, including as:

  • A Life Mastery Consultant through Life Mastery Institute
  • A Certified Professional Coach through the Center for Coaching Certification
  • An Associate Power Coach® through Coaching and Leadership International
  • A Certified Image Consultant through both The London Image Institute and the Style Coaching™ Institute
  • An AFPA Certified Personal Trainer
  • An AFPA Nutrition & Wellness Consultant
  • An AFPA Group Exercise & Zumba Instructor
  • And a Predictive Index Analyst and True Colors Facilitator (Personality Systems Certification)

I believe that ANYONE – especially YOU - can move past any circumstance that have been holding you back to live a life you LOVE…

… BUT we have to use targeted methods to overcome the subconscious thinking patterns that are keeping us stuck in our bad habits! 

Once I added the mindset coaching element to my treatment protocol, I made faster and more dramatic progress in achieving my health goals than I’d ever experienced before. I experienced the power of mindset coaching first hand through introducing a support system and life-long mentorship. I found it so much easier to stay motivated!

Now I’m here to share this secret with you!


…Having someone who has your back during your most challenging periods of transformation

… Having someone to hold you accountable to consistently making the best choices for you so you can build an incredible life

… Having a renewed sense of direction in your life that brings you better results (beyond just health) than ever before!

Get the support you deserve to live your life as the best version of you!

Myself and the team here at the Hotze Heath & Wellness Center are excited to announce our new life coaching packages to support you as part of your health and wellness protocol.

We’re the only wellness clinic in Houston, Texas that offers life coaching support as a complement to our bio-identical hormone treatment, vitamins and mineral supplementation, and eating plan programs.

We’re here to give you all the support you need to achieve your new lifestyle changes and goals.


Hotze Health Advantage

  • Helping you reach beyond what you thought possible for your health and life
  • Understand and deal with the root causes of your health problems
  • Set big visions for your life and let us guide you to where you want to be

We offer a range of programs to suit your needs that are designed to support you to the next level of health and happiness, no matter where you’re starting from.

MYcoach 90 Day Program

  • Weekly 10-15 minute videos to watch in the comfort of your own home
  • Coaching support through the comments section of each video
  • Downloadable action worksheets and work at your own pace
  • Key questions to focus on your goals and vision each week


Program valued at $450. Change your life for only $295! 

MYcoach Advantage Plus 90 Day Program

The MYcoach 90 Day Program… PLUS…

  • SIX webinar classes where we take a deeper dive and I teach you many more key principles for success
  • Be a part of and have access to a PRIVATE Facebook group where you can get continued support, encouragement, ideas, and new ways of thinking


Program valued at $975. Commit to your success for only $595! 

Mind Makeover for Weight Loss  Boot Camp

NEED to know information for anyone looking to lose weight or has been trying unsuccessfully for some time.
This 21-Day Introductory program includes:

  • Two short videos each week to watch at a time convenient for you
  • Coaching support through the comments section of each video
  • Weekly action sheet included with great key tips


Program valued at $325. Commit to your weight loss success for only $129!

Weekly Coaching with E

We also offer a limited number of weekly one-on-one and group coaching sessions using a proven system and curriculum that creates the biggest transformation in the shortest period of time.

Email us at  TODAY to find out more or to see if a group or 1:1 coaching would meet your needs.

FINALLY reach your health, weight or energy goals that you’ve been dreaming about and that you KNOW is possible!

Live your life with a renewed sense of confidence and vitality!

Learn what it takes to truly be able to say ‘I LOVE my life!’



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